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See the risk

Visualise well risks and integrity status – balance safety and production with confidence.

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Production and well integrity engineers working with oil & gas wells must balance two things on a knife-edge.

They’ve got risk on one hand and production on the other. They're under intense pressure to get the balance right. Living with a chronic sense of unease has been their normal for as long as they can remember.

Until now, they’ve just had to accept it. But that’s no longer the case. There’s a completely new approach. One that means you can strike a perfect balance – and escape the pressure and sense of unease. That’s what you get with Empirica.

GMVi Empirica

Empirica is well risk modelling and integrity management software. It is designed so engineers see and understand risks associated with oil leaks and gas emissions.

Thousands of barrels a day safeguarded

Analytical risk modelling, in-house, for well design and operations

There’s over 100,000 ways that a typical well can leak, though it is impossible to manually analyse more than a handful of leak paths. Wells Quantitative Risk Assessments can take an age to do and the static answers they give are of limited use.

Running complex scenario analysis live, even during risk assessment meetings, is now a reality with Empirica. Get consistent and detailed results in seconds. Have confidence your assessment considers the entire well. Enjoy a level of scrutiny with leak path analysis capability in Empirica that you cannot do manually. Do all of this with your team in-house, without the need for specialist, expensive and time-consuming consultancy studies.

Clear visualisation of risk with dynamic well barrier diagrams

Communicate the condition of wells effectively with intuitive and dynamic functional Well Barrier Diagrams. Take important information to management that was previously inaccessible. The chronic unease that your management felt about the condition of your wells will go. Reduction of well issues, lower risks, better uptime and higher production volumes will be your proof. Even your boss will get recognition for recovering lost production that could be worth millions of dollars annually.

Use Empirica to strike the right balance between safety and production to protect people, the environment and your company.

Understand the risks of well issues, and actions to address them, before they happen

Eliminate decision time for well issues. Get management approval for action plans, before any failures occur. Explain and illustrate a clear, logical methodology that demystifies what you do. Routine anomalies are dealt with efficiently, with decisions made at a lower level, including whether to continue to operate a well or shut it in. When you use Empirica, risk assessments are already done for the vast majority of well issues, so you spend much less time on well integrity risk assessments and failure management.

Be demonstrably in control of well risks. Know your wells are safe, and what to do when they are not. Your production operations team will be happy that they receive decisions quickly and with authority. Even the HSE department and regulators show more confidence in you and reduce their level of scrutiny.

Impacts on your business

Thousands of barrels a day of production safeguarded, worth tens of million of dollars a year. This is production that would otherwise have been lost while analysing problems after they occur.

Reduce costs by millions of dollars a year because you are better at planning maintenance and repairs, with fewer surprises and changes of plan. The likelihood of major incidents is reduced because you have much better understanding and control of risk. Close wells in when it is necessary based on precise analysis. Continue to operate wells that are below specific risk thresholds that you can clearly explain and justify.

Your reputation with regulators can be improved as they trust what you do. Your well risk management will be seen as best in class by your peer companies. Your team can apply their expertise to large well stocks with consistent results.

Accessible analysis

understand well risks as they change

What they say

  • “This is clearly different. No one has anything like this; it’s a big step forward.”

  • “Engineers spend 85% less time on well integrity risk assessments and failure management.”

  • “We have improved production efficiency, safeguarding 2,700 boepd, and reduced probability of process safety incidents from wells.”

  • “It is brilliantly simple in concept, and ingenious in how it is applied.”

  • “This unique capability is well ahead of other well integrity software.”

  • “This technology is the next big step in well failure visualisation and management.”