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See the big picture

Define, implement and repeat your best practices on every well. Empower your team to see the big picture and understand the detail.

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Well Engineers are struggling because of an Uncertainty Gap.

It’s causing them to miss schedules, overrun on costs and compromise safety. It’s happening because valuable lessons aren’t shared across teams, important project data is buried in a cocktail of reports, and engineers are ignoring the company process recipe.

With Eikos you get a knowledge base that automatically serves valuable lessons to engineers when they need it, you get a single real-time reporting framework, and your engineers can easily follow your company recipe on a single screen.

GMVi Eikos

Eikos is project management software designed for the upstream oil & gas industry. It is optimised for drilling & well delivery process management.

See hundreds of pages on one screen

Visualise and understand process and progress on a single screen

You log in to Eikos and understand well delivery processes quickly. You see the process and progress against it on a single screen; keeping all stakeholders (colleagues, management, partners, regulators) up to speed. Delegation of tasks has never been easier, with strong oversight visualisation of multiple projects.

This means you will not lose control; you have confidence that work will be done consistently with a mapped work breakdown structure, following your company’s way of working.

Be a better cook because you know the recipe

When you ask your engineers to explain their progress they can do that, and show the tasks that need attention. You understand because you will have a single, common format. Retrieving project deliverables is done in a few clicks. Risk assessments are in a consistent, common format. You will be confident you have the best process because you build lessons into the process so they are never forgotten.

You will support your colleagues by making quicker decisions with better information, because your team follows the consistent company way.

Spend less time on the process, more time doing the work

You have a shared view of projects that massively reduces the number of meetings and static reports. When you have status meetings, you have better conversations because you have a tool that clearly shows what needs to be done, your progress, risks and actions. Get the latest updates without wasting time creating presentations or reports. You identify exceptions, visualising the project in real-time with a single view.

This means reduced delays, fewer errors, less engineering and rig time wasted and ultimately higher performance.

Drilling and Wells insight

process and progress in clear view

Users love what they get with Eikos

  • “After my first year as a drilling engineer at a major oil company, I could not explain the Well Delivery Process. Our engineers all understand our WDP now in Eikos: it’s very clear.”

  • “It helps us develop a better culture to identify problems and provide support: a late item attracts help, not blame.”

  • “Before Eikos, it was a fire-fighting system. We relied on knowing someone who knew someone else who knew where to find something. Eikos helped us get organised.”

  • “You get an instant overview on progress. It helps us make informed decisions.”

  • “I used to go into management meetings "with my pants down" but with Eikos I got back control.”