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Wintershall Dea - focus on the engineering, not the process

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The Norway business unit at Wintershall wanted to replace an existing well engineering process management application. The system was proving unsuccessful; performance was slow and user experience poor. The result was inaccurate project tracking, soaring dissatisfaction and a system fallen into disrepute. As a consequence engineers returned to using a mix of Excel and a plethora of other documents and applications for planning and reporting project progress.

The frustration of managing their well projects through this cocktail of reporting formats continued. Information needed to make informed decisions was hard to find and project control was impossible. Because their well delivery process was not easily accessible, or clear, the engineering teams were spending too much time talking about the process, instead of doing the real engineering work.

They demanded something different. For them it was not about avoiding change, but how to change effectively. A major challenge was reluctance of some engineers, having been bitten once, to adopt a new software application, though they knew that returning to past habits meant risking mistakes and project overruns. They decided to persevere in finding a solution that worked for them.

By piloting Eikos in Norway, Wintershall proved they could deliver their original vision. Instead of an unresponsive system, the engineers were now able to share updates to projects effectively. Engineers who had been reluctant to change could put the agony of poor software performance behind them.

Most importantly, by dropping the multiplicity of reporting formats, the Norway team returned to a single source of truth for managing and tracking their Well Delivery Process.

After the pilot, Wintershall selected Eikos as the keystone well engineering management software across the company. Wintershall (now Wintershall Dea) uses Eikos to underpin their application portfolio for well engineering. It gives them a solid basis for informed decision making across well projects globally.

Laurie Scott, Drilling Supervisor said:

In drilling the most precious commodity is time. Eikos has a strong track record of helping users focus on engineering rather than process; this saves time in the office and on the rig.