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Talisman Norway - with Eikos I got back control


Talisman Norway (TENAS) went through a very busy period running two rigs on multiple well projects continuously, plus a third seasonal string. After suffering some poor performance the Drilling & Wells Manager saw an opportunity to improve work practices and promote consistency, based on his prior experience with a major IOC. He called upon Eikos, becoming project sponsor and first adopter of the new application.

TENAS used Eikos for workflow optimisation, collaboration and communication. The early years confirmed that best practices for project management were transferable and learnable, and that the system was far more effective than generic project management software. This period of activity also showed how progress tracking is relevant at a business unit level and a global organisation. TENAS leaned on Eikos to facilitate changes in personnel, to communicate minimum standards for work done and to visualise the status of any project portfolio.

Best of all TENAS Drilling & Wells improved substantially, achieving top quartile performance in the Rushmore Drilling Performance Review. They said Eikos was an important part of that; helping efficiency in managing wells, delivering on time and on budget.

Vegard Bruaset, Subsurface Manager, loved Eikos:

It changed my world - I used to go into management meetings "with my pants down" but with Eikos I got back control.