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Spirit Energy - keeping us whole as a drilling department

Spirit office

As a leading North West European E&P company Spirit Energy believes that embracing collaboration is the new normal and in giving technology innovation a chance.

In 2012, then as Centrica, a new Well Delivery Process presented the Drilling and Wells team with a challenge. They developed detailed plans of how all well projects should function, but their process and reference material, presented in PDFs, was not readily accessible so was difficult to use. This meant each Drilling Manager coordinated their individual team, doing their own thing. Powerpoint presentations were used to explain the Well Delivery Process and they were neither accurate nor comprehensive. Project updates were tracked on an Excel checklist. Maintaining this juggling act was causing stress and tension in the drilling team, and dissatisfaction in management.

They then started to use Eikos to capture their well engineering processes in a single screen. It meant every engineer, no matter their level of experience, had access to the most accurate information. Instead of using a jumble of traditional flow charts and spreadsheets, they could track the progress of any well project in real time, and easily tie this back to their process. Time was freed and management became confident that their wells were in good hands.

In 2015, Fiona Walker, Senior Drilling Engineer said:

Before Eikos, it was a fire-fighting system. We relied on knowing someone who knew someone else, who knew where to find something.

In 2021 Olav Log, Drilling Manager said:

We are now professional and structured in the way we do well planning and execution. Better process means improved delivery, performance and safety. I like Eikos; it works well and keeps us whole as a drilling department.