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Senergy Wells - punching above their weight

I Stock 1215485788 hare punching above their weight

Outsourced project management for wells is an established practice for small operators without their own drilling team. In busy times it is also used by larger operators to manage wells beyond their in-house capacity.

As a new wells project management company Senergy Wells needed to provide great service, establish unique selling points and punch above their weight. They recognised that using Eikos on every project was a way to achieve these objectives. They designed a well delivery process in-house to satisfy the needs of multiple operators. Senergy used Eikos to implement the process internally and with their oil company clients.

They saw two key advantages; (1) demonstrate their well delivery process to their oil company clients and regulators, and (2) give reliable project assurance.

Over a ten year period Senergy Wells grew from a team of five to over 150, becoming the world premier wells project management company. They were able to manage multiple wells for many companies simultaneously without losing control or sacrificing confidence.

Wells project management is cyclical and maintaining a knowledge base and a firm grip on changing priorities is critical. Senergy engineers were assigned to multiple projects simultaneously so Eikos was vital to oversee, track and manage their activity. This meant they could optimise efforts spent on each project, keep busy and deliver the performance that each client demanded. In start-up locations Eikos was vital to give a way of working and instant guidance to new people.

Willem Boon, Manager at Senergy Wells said:

Eikos makes it so much easier to explain the well delivery process and demonstrate what we do. As an example, it saves seven man-days per well in compliance audits and that adds up to a lot of money over a year. But the biggest saving is avoiding rework - with Eikos we can park projects, then pick them up again later and know where we are, even with a different team.