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Repsol - €50 million saved, owning their data for the first time

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Repsol selected Eikos as part of digitisation for Drilling & Completions, under their project InWell. InWell is a central HQ facility where information is collected from all activities related to drilling and completions. Real Time Operating Centres (RTOC) have been a feature at oil company offices for two decades, and the Repsol model takes this concept forward in three critical ways (1) integrating centralised and field activities, (2) extending the scope to cover planning operations and all disciplines, and (3) addressing the complete well lifecycle, not just real time data collection.

Repsol's approach includes using best in class software applications to manage Drilling & Completions activity. For them this has proved to be more beneficial than sourcing an integrated system from a single supplier.

Repsol have used Eikos over several years to track projects from the initial stages of visualisation through to close out. They now have a full-narrative view on a single screen complementing other applications that address discrete parts of the workflow. They have been able to reveal buried issues, eliminate data hoarding and crucially to articulate their “One Repsol Way” strategy. Process standardisation and performance management were identified as key cost saving opportunities - these were addressed by Repsol and have contributed to a total savings of €50 million in 2021, attributed to Inwell.

More details of InWell achievements are published in SPE paper 205418, co-authored by Renata Martin, Integrated Well Center Manager. It states:

Standardising reporting practices, enhancing reporting quality, visibility, and timeliness where possible, and helping Repsol "own its data" for the first time by enabling the use of advanced analytics.