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Mubadala Petroleum - uncertainty replaced with confidence

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Mubadala Petroleum's Director of Drilling wanted to remove uncertainty created by running autonomous well construction operations in multiple countries. He believe that local empowerment was a good thing, but fragmented standards, isolated staff and nasty surprises were not.

An initial draft of a common Well Delivery Process was presented to drilling teams from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. This first meeting didn’t go well, with the draft rejected by all three teams. In that moment the Drilling Director secured his first victory; unanimity among key staff who normally couldn’t agree on anything. After a rethink they rebuilt their process on a whiteboard from scratch, with a high level first draft approved on day two of the meeting - another milestone was reached. The complete recipe for well delivery was written in Eikos, based on consensus and with ownership now in the hands of the people expected to drive this change.

Following implementation, uncertainty was replaced with confidence; unified standards were agreed replacing fragmentation and nasty surprises. The Director of Drilling was able to focus his time on higher value work knowing that a standard view of projects was available at all times. The time invested in the process and engagement of key staff was rewarded with increased trust and a more connected organisation.

John Burton, Mubadala Petroleum Malaysia Drilling Manager said:

Eikos is great, it works really well. Paul [Prince, the Drilling Director] can and does monitor our progress from HQ in Abu Dhabi. This means he is informed and better able to support us.